Local Lead Alternator - Ad Vault

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Successful online marketers know that the hardest part about building their business is creating ads that attract customers and getting those same customers to take action.

Local Lead Alternator - Ad Vault

You can spend weeks struggling to write a single ad … only to find out it’s a dud … after you already spent REAL MONEY to have it posted online.

Sure, you can split test your ads or tweak them all you want … but the longer they AREN’T DRIVING LEADS to your clients phone the harder it is for you to get paid!

Of course, you can always outsource ad creation to a professional … But that can cost you hundreds, even thousands, or dollars per ad. Added cost cuts into your profits…But…What if you could gain:

Yes, what I am offering to you is affordable way to get great ads that are proven to work. Yes, access to my top 30 ads that you can adjust and post in just minutes from now!

The best part, you never have to worry again about developing your own ads or paying a bundle to professionals because you can have instant access to an entire library of high-powered, highly targeted ads that are proven to convert between 30% to 50%!

Now you can have instant, unlimited and permanent access to 30 high-converting ads that are already proven to work!

But that is NOT all – I will include 10 PDS files for you, so all you have to do is simply copy and paste your client’s business names and phone number onto these professionally-made, high-powered ads … and you can begin to see AMAZING results in as little as 5 to 10 minutes!

Forget about designing, writing and testing your own ads … only to watch them crash and burn … or paying a fortune to graphic designers to do the work for you.

Open the Local Lead Generator Ad Vault and unlock the fast, effective way to supercharge your online business!

Local Lead Alternator - Ad Vault

If you were to pay the “Mad Men” to create these very same ads for you, it would cost you upwards of $1,479 or more.

If you were to try to create them yourself, it could take weeks or even months of your time and … let’s be honest … they probably wouldn’t work. At least not the first time.

When you pay good money to post unproven, amateurish ads online and they fail to convert … it’s like flushing your money down the toilet!

But …

Because you already are a loyal customer of Local Lead Alternator, you have special privileges, including this very special one-time-only pricing opportunity.

Now you can have the 30 complete ready-to-use ads that are inside the Local Lead Alternator Ad Vault for just …

ONLY $27:

Local Lead Alternator - Ad Vault

That’s less than $.90 per ad!   At that insanely low price, you absolutely cannot afford NOT to get this!

But that’s the one of the amazing benefits of being a loyal customer of Local Lead Alternator. We take care of our own.

This exclusive price is only being offered only to people who already have purchased Local Lead Alternator. Sold separately, these ads would cost between $75 and $100/apiece … if I were to offer them publicly, which I’m not.

But this offer won’t be available for very long (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) because only the first 10 people to respond will get access to these proven ads at this special price and after price increases with each purchase.

(After all, if too many marketers have access to the same ads, it will dilute their effectiveness.)

That means if you want to crack the combination and gain access to the Local Lead Alternator Ad Vault, you have to ACT RIGHT NOW or risk being locked out permanently!

Local Lead Alternator - Ad Vault

I want you to succeed with your online business. That’s why I’m practically giving you these proven, high-converting, top-of-the-line ads for next to nothing!

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To your success,


Ivana Bosnjak